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Do you use Twitter
  • As a competitive intelligence tool?
  • For topic research?
  • To build a personal/company brand?
  • To find content for inbound marketing?
  • To find keywords for SEO?

If you do any of the above, Tweet Assistant can help.

Tweet Assistant helps you gather tweets and extract hashtags, mentions, and links. You can use it as a tool for marketing and research. If you sort your tweets by retweet count, you can find out which tweets engage your readers. Sorting tweets by favorite count give you a measure of popularity.

Hashtags are a good measure of the popular tags in a given space like an industry segment. Why do people tag tweets? A couple of reasons are for being found in searches and being part of conversations in a given space. You can use TweetAssistant to gather tweets by hashtags (hashtag search).

Mentions are an important metric. It is polite to mention the source of a tweet when you are re-tweeting. If you are getting tweets of a particular account, looking at mentions gives you an idea of the sources (or influencers of a Tweeter).

Results from a tweet search have some interesting uses. Martech is a popular hashtag for marketing technologies. If you search #martech and sort results by mention count, you will get a sense of the most influential people in #martech.

You can use TweetAssistant as a tool for marketing and intelligence. You can use it to discover industry trends, find useful resources like reports and books.